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Posted: July 11, 2019 | Word Count: 483

The end of your 20s is an interesting time. Gone are the days of chugging caffeine for lunch and the nights that turned into mornings, running from afterparty to afterparty. You’re becoming more confident and advancing professionally, but you may also be noticing a few things changing about your body. Eventually, the bad habits of the past catch up to you.

Most of us will see some evidence that our skin is changing as we near thirty. Somewhere along the way — between heading outside without sunscreen and spending late nights at work — you’ll notice your skin doesn’t have that wide-awake look anymore. Instead, dull skin is staring back at you.

“These changes to your skin are the result of the natural process of aging,” says Dr. Sarah Dolder, a board-certified dermatologist. “Skin cell turnover slows down as you age, and dead cells start to accumulate on the surface of skin interfering with light reflection, which gives the appearance of dull, tired-looking skin.”

Dolder explains that to counter the aging process and increase cell renewal, it's important to use ingredients that are known to resurface, retexturize and replenish to brighten skin. In addition to your favorite daily products, there are various acids and non-acids known to boost surface cell turnover that you should add to your routine in order to produce brighter looking skin.

Meet Neoglucosamine:

Neoglucosamine is a non-acid amino sugar that gently exfoliates skin to help boost surface cell turnover by 10 times! As a building block of hyaluronic acid (your skin’s natural filler), it uniquely hydrates and replenishes skin, while helping to even out any hyperpigmentation resulting in a more even skin tone.

“It’s a workhorse ingredient with incredible effectiveness that many people aren’t aware of," says Dolder. “It’s a great agent for washing away years of skin sins to help hydrate, brighten and firm your skin.”

This ingredient can also be used with other skin brighteners like turmeric extract, mandelic acid and gluconolactone.

Turmeric Extract:

Turmeric extract, which is naturally derived from turmeric roots, helps prevent the formation of free radicals to provide antioxidant benefits and reduce inflammation to mitigate redness in your skin. It’s known to help reduce dark circles and puffiness, which you may notice after not getting a good night's rest.

Mandelic Acid:

Mandelic Acid is an increasingly popular AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) derived from the hydrolysis (unbinding) of an extract of bitter almonds. It has been studied extensively for its use in treating common skin problems such as photo-aging, irregular pigmentation and acne.


Gluconolactone is a PHA (polyhydroxy acid), which offers all the benefits of an AHA but is gentler on skin. It helps provide effective exfoliation and cell turnover without harshness, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

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