Three Tips For Making the Most of Back-to-School Snack Packing Routines

Posted: September 04, 2019 | Word Count: 661

Back-to-school means back to the daily routine of after-school activities and snacks. To help usher in the season, Lance® Sandwich Crackers, the maker of Lance® Minis, is unveiling hacks for making the most of a convenient after-school snack routine – from prepping, to snacking, to munching on-the-go.

With the hustle and bustle that comes with the back-to-school season, time is a scarce commodity for families today. New research from Lance Minis reveals just where the time is going. The majority of parents today are shuttling kids from one after-school activity to another – 62% say their children do more extracurricular activities than they did as a child. And the average parent surveyed spends 86 hours a year prepping snacks for the family.

So what are the best ways to make your snacking routine a breeze, while also using that time to connect as a family?

Tip 1: The Secret Ingredient Is Preparation

The majority of parents (70%) agree that planning ahead snacks and meals for the week makes their family exponentially more productive – in fact, the average parent reports being twice as productive when they do so. However, only 32% of parents say they’re actually in the habit of doing this.

Use preparation as your secret weapon. Set aside one hour on Sunday nights (or a night that fits well in your schedule) to get your snacks and meals in order. Pick out crowd pleasers that are easy to pull together, and as an added bonus, you can set up an “assembly line” right in your kitchen to involve the kids and turn a “chore” into a bonding moment.

Take it from actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher, in partnership with Lance Minis Sandwich Crackers, who says, “Snack packing is all about preparation. I like to block off an hour on Sunday nights, crank a playlist the whole family loves and get into a snack packing zone. It’s a fun opportunity to connect as a family, and sets us up for a successful week!”

Tip 2: Make Snack Time Special

Family traditions like snack time can mean so much more than meets the eye! The majority of parents (55%) say they have nostalgic memories of snack time as a child, and 59% say today snack time is an unexpected moment when they find time to connect with their children.

Amidst the hectic schedules and after-school itineraries, you can use snack time as a moment to pause and connect. It’s a great cue to remember to take a step back and make the most of each other’s company – all over a shared treat!

Tip 3: Listen to the Experts

Who better to break down family snack hacks than parents themselves? The top 5 tips today’s parents have for snack packing are –

  1. Stock up on grab-and-go snack options to help save time (62%)
  2. Try different varieties of snacks you know your children already love to keep snack time fresh and introduce them to new flavors (55%)
  3. Bite-sized is key with families always on the go (35%)
  4. Grab crowd-pleasers to work around picky eaters (33%)
  5. Use snack packing and preparation as moments to connect with your child (28%)

And as Swisher says, “Part of parenthood is having picky eaters! One of the best ways to get into a good routine is to find crowd-pleasers that everyone in the family loves. Lance Minis are a surefire win for all of us, so they’re perfect to stock up in the pantry!”

No matter how you plan to tackle this season, the important thing is to hone in on routines that work best for you and your family. And in the midst of everything, don’t forget to make a little time for some family fun.

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Methodology: This online survey was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Lance in July 5-8, 2019 among 1,003 parents with kids aged 4-12 across the United States.

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