My 5 Secrets to a Better Start to the Day

Posted: September 12, 2019 | Word Count: 421

With a new season, comes a new wellness routine. As vacations end and we go back to our daily lives with work and school, Karla Martinez offers a few “must-do” tips to ensure you're ready for whatever the day brings.

1. Wake Up Early

It takes a lot to train the body to wake up early on its own, but there are many benefits to waking up earlier in the day. For one, you’re not racing against the clock. There is an opportunity to take your time and get yourself prepared, without the anxiety of being rushed.

2. Revamp your Oral Care Routine

A complete wellness routine also includes having a healthy routine for your mouth. Healthy teeth and gums are part of a fit body — so, yes, we need to floss. I also use Colgate Total. This toothpaste’s formula protects and fights to keep teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums healthy all day. You might even start noticing that you wake up with less morning breath.

3. Set Aside Some Personal Time

With the blessed craziness of being a working mom of two, I know I can forget to care for myself too! Having a small morning ritual that centers me mentally is so valuable. If it’s a short meditation session, having soft music on as you apply make-up, or having your cup of coffee while reading the news, I recommend doing something for yourself each morning to ease you into the day.

4. Showering with a Body Scrub

We might take a bath or have some wine in the evening after a long day; why not start with some pampering? At least once a week, I will treat myself to a morning body scrub during my shower. It’s a great way to invigorate and feel good right before I start to get ready. My skin always feels so nice and soft after I finish showering, and it’s a great motivator to get me out of bed during those difficult mornings!

5. Prep Your Outfits a Week Ahead

With busy schedules, work and kids, every minute counts! It’s a smart move to look at your closet and decide what outfits you will be styling yourself with for the week. Yes! Not just the next day. If I’m having a late evening the night before, there isn’t as much stress in the morning to make sure I’m looking and feeling my best the next day.

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