Get new wellness extras from Medicare Advantage in California

Posted: November 18, 2019 | Word Count: 642

Did you know that you can get coverage for more than just visits to your doctor through Medicare Advantage plans, at no extra cost to you?

Today’s Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plans offer much more than just helping to pay your medical bills. In California, Medicare Advantage members enrolled in certain plans have access to wellness, social and support services that will help them lead healthier lives. During the Medicare Annual Election Period, which began October 15, 2019 and runs through December 7, 2019, Medicare-­eligible individuals can enroll in an Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan that offers these new benefits starting in 2020. From pain management options like acupuncture to health-related transportation, these wellness, social and support services can help eliminate obstacles to improve your health.

Here is the package of wellness benefits you may have access to in select 2020 Medicare Advantage plans, at no extra cost:

Pest Control: Take advantage of quarterly preventive treatments to regulate or eliminate the intrusion of household pests that may impact chronic conditions such as allergies, or asthma.

Prescribed Meals: For 90 days, 2 meals per day will be delivered to your home. Based on qualifying clinical criteria, health plan consumer members can receive a prescription for meals and periodic appointments with a registered dietitian.

In­-Home Support: Upon discharge from the hospital or a nursing facility, members may receive in­-home assistance with performing daily living activities, for up to eight (8) four­-hour shifts.

Respite Care: Members are eligible for respite care if they have a chronic disease and currently have an unpaid caregiver (such as a family member) providing care. You would receive up to 80 hours of respite care per year.

Adult Day Center Visits: For older adults who need supervision and assistance, members may use up to 1 visit per week for adult day center services.

Pain Management: For help with pain management, members can use up to 24 visits per year to receive a combination of acupuncture/acupressure, chiropractic treatment and/or therapeutic massage. Note: Some plans in California do not offer the Pain Management benefit, but may have unlimited acupuncture and routine chiropractic care as separate benefits.

Post Hospitalization Meals: To assist with a transition home following discharge from a hospital or nursing facility, up to 7 days of meal delivery are available for members.

Exercise Programs: Members will have access to Nifty after Fifty or SilverSneakers®, fitness programs specially tailored to older adults. Nifty after Fifty may be accessed through either self-referral or a prescription from a doctor. SilverSneakers is available through self-referral.

Outreach Support Program: Members may be paired with an outreach support associate to address and alleviate conditions associated with loneliness.

Transportation: Services are available to help members get to doctor appointments and other healthcare visits.

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