Saying Goodbye to 8 Exiting Kitchen Trends

Posted: August 02, 2021 | Word Count: 857

After over a year of commuting from our bedrooms to our kitchen islands for work, many homeowners found themselves at a fork in the drawer … er road, caught between the trends of the past and the sleek, stylish modernity of the present. Even though the idea of summer entertaining in a chic new kitchen sounds fun, homeowners have been led to believe that kitchen remodel projects are best left for the spring and fall.

While you may be hesitant to embark on a kitchen remodeling journey during the dog days of summer, there are certainly benefits to taking the road less traveled, including:

  • Opportunities to take advantage of al fresco cooking and dining experiences
  • Longer days translate into shorter remodeling cycle
  • Home offices can be brought outside
  • Summer sales!
  • Fewer major holidays to compete with

This sunny season, Kitchen Magic, determined to get the heart of the home back on track, has identified eight exiting kitchen trends that are currently running on fumes — and how to replace them. Once city dwellers and suburbanites alike can warm up to the idea of a summer remodel and say “bye-bye” to these bandwagon trends, they’ll surely arrive to their intended kitchen style destination long before Labor Day.

Exit 1: All-white Kitchens

While white cabinets will never go out of style, the white on white motif is making a grand exit. Homeowners are bringing in more natural elements, moving away from the sterile white palette. Think nature-inspired colors like greens, blues and light earth tones for an appealing, current kitchen remodel.

Exit 2: Pot Racks

No more showcasing kitchen tools of any kind. Pot racks are a magnet for dust and can make the room seem small and cluttered. Homeowners are now opting to conceal their cookware in drawers and pantries. Storage cabinets are steadily gaining steam and will dismantle the disorderly pot rack, making way for a new trend — the organized kitchen.

Exit 3: Speckled Granite

The overly detailed profiles featured on speckled granite countertops are now viewed as a bit too busy by today’s standards. These commercial grade patterns are being replaced with sleek and simple veining, softer movement and large bold patterns. Trends are pushing toward engineered stone — such as quartz — with clean and simple patterns as well as solid shades of white or gray. Marbled patterns are also gaining popularity, along with minimalistic designs consisting of subtle detail. Beige-browns are also being replaced by cooler whites and grays.

Exit 4: Over-the-Range Microwaves

While an over-the-range microwave may be a convenient location, it’s slightly unsightly. Modern kitchens are moving microwaves into cabinets, custom shelves and behind closed doors in favor of more universal design principles. So, store those quick-cookers under the counter, or better yet, in a built-in microwave drawer and save that backdrop over the stove for a show-stopping tile mosaic.

Exit 5: Brass Hardware

Trend reports claim that this is the year for metal. While that may be true, bright brass is no longer boss. Now, brass knobs and pulls are being replaced by softer golds. The good news is that swapping out hardware is a simple, inexpensive way to update a kitchen’s appearance while making a personal statement. Other trending hardware making its mark on the designer runway include wrought iron and chrome for a stylish finish.

Exit 6: Appliance Garages

It is certainly convenient to keep small appliances accessible, but not at the expense of the precious prep-space that an appliance garage takes up on the countertop. The trend of large cabinet drawers and pantries is here to stay, and there is plenty of room in there for toasters and blenders too! Just imagine embarking on your next culinary adventure with a clean countertop, free of clutter.

Exit 7: Kitchen Desks

While, in theory, this seems like a good idea, many kitchen desks typically suffer the same fate: clutter drop-off zone. Over the past year, everyone has been tasked with discovering make-shift home offices and classrooms. Even so, homeowners have opted to take their home office to other spots in the home, getting creative with room dividers in bedrooms, dining rooms and guest rooms that provide more privacy and a place to better concentrate. Once you’ve moved your at-home workspace, now what? Replace the kitchen desk with built-in bar areas for entertaining, pantries and even more storage cabinets!

Exit 8: Old World Style

This European decor was everywhere in the early 2000s. It featured ornate details, cathedral style cabinets, thick glazes and mustardy palettes that made everything look muddy. Today’s kitchens, however, focus on creating a light, airy place to cook — think urban farmhouse styles — rather than emulating a dark Italian villa. The best way to move away from this look is phasing in a transitional style that includes a blend of both modern and traditional elements.

Arrival to Modern Kitchen Mile

The idea of remodeling a kitchen often elicits feelings of apprehension for a bumpy road ahead. But, with a few minor detours observing the hallmarks of kitchens past, you’ll soon be making a beeline to a sleek and chic kitchen destination. If you get moving now, you’ll fall in love with your new kitchen well before fall.

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