Show Your Kids a Little Love When It’s Needed as They Head Back to School [Infographic]

Posted: August 30, 2021 | Word Count: 136

In a world where routines have been turned upside down and as kids head back to school, it’s more important than ever to give kids the emotional support they need on a daily basis. The start of the school year is filled with moments when kids need extra encouragement. Knowing this, Rice Krispies Treats® conducted a national survey among parents about their own childhood and learned that 86% of parents experienced moments growing up when they needed more love and support from their own parents.1 That’s why Rice Krispies Treats is encouraging parents to do a little self-reflection and ask themselves “What do your kids need to hear today?” Tell them on Rice Krispies Treats.

[1] Data from an online survey of 1,200 parents in the U.S. conducted June 17-24, 2021.

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