The child in your life will be the main character this holiday season with personalized books

Posted: September 14, 2021 | Word Count: 535

It's no secret that the benefits of reading are profound in childhood education, but not all children are eager to pick up a book. What if there were books that not only improved your child’s engagement in reading, but also increased their knowledge retention and helped develop their social and emotional learning?

With Playstories, all of this is possible thanks to unique and personalized books that not only feature your child’s name, but likeness as well. With a variety of themes to choose from, Playstories can help young children meaningfully connect through the pages to grow their love for reading and learning.

"Some children are naturally drawn to books and others may be more resistant readers. No matter where a child falls on this broad spectrum, studies show personalized stories not only engage the reader, but help improve knowledge retention in kids," said Flavio Aguiar, cofounder of personalized storybook company, Playstories.

This holiday season, immerse your child into the imaginative world of books to help build self-identity and encourage healthy reading habits in a fun, interactive way. With options to customize your avatar including hair, skin and eye color, children can see themselves come to life across the pages, creating a memorable experience for young readers. Parents, caregivers and gift-givers can select a book from a diverse library of stories, personalize it with the child’s name and create a character image that reflects each child's unique identity.

According to a research report by the National Literacy Trust, personalization in books can have a positive impact on children’s learning engagement, confidence and ambition. In fact, the study shows that students given reading books with personalized elements are found to have improved reading comprehension, a positive that may be connected to the story's relevance to the individual.

Finding the perfect gift this holiday season

There are many personalized stories to explore that are widely appealing to children. Imagination and creativity take flight in the Animals & Adventures collection of stories. Dinosaurs, space exploration and much more, there's something for every child. For fans of the popular kids television show Masha & The Bear, readers won't believe their eyes when they see themselves alongside the friendly crew as they go on adventures together.

Playstories books are created to go beyond literary learning, with popular books developed to also support social and emotional learning. Check out the Feelings & Emotions collection to learn more. From joy and happiness to frustration and jealousy, these books help children understand big feelings in relatable ways.

"Our focus is on helping children become aware and learn about their own feelings and emotions. We are inspired by children’s imaginations and freedom while creating books where anything is possible. After all, the greatest power of our stories is to show that there are no limits to what a child can achieve," Aguiar said.

Personalized books don't just support reading development, they encourage a love of learning and are a special way for children to connect with the story. These books are sure to become favorites in any collection, and oftentimes become cherished keepsakes that are treasured for decades to come, making them the perfect gift this holiday season. For more information visit

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