Fashion Meets Interior Kitchen Design

Posted: October 14, 2021 | Word Count: 590

When we hear the term “personal style,” we typically associate it with how people dress, wear their hair, apply their makeup, etc. It evokes visions of everything ranging from suburbanites in brightly colored shift dresses paired with pearls to mohawk-sporting, leather jacket-wearers and everything in between. But personal style is so much more than simply your head-to-toe aesthetic. It should extend beyond you, and into your day-to-day living spaces — including your kitchen.

Whether you adhere to current trends or prefer the basics, your fashion inspiration is a great place to start when considering how to put style in that space.

“The most notable correlations between interior design and fashion design are that they both provide the means by which an individual can express themselves freely,” remarked JT Norman, Director of Business Development, Product and Design Innovation at Kitchen Magic.

Let’s explore the most popular themes in personal style and discover how you can properly apply them to make the kitchen fashionable.

Fashion Intellect

If you find yourself inspired by simplicity, then neutral colors will appeal to you. Winter-white or creamy-colored cabinets are the perfect backdrop to offset brilliant hues. Champagne pulls add a golden finish for a touch of glamour. Punctuate your choice of nature-inspired materials with a bold paint color and — most importantly — own it.

Cozy Casual

Mixing patterns will make a textural statement without any use of color. Marry woodgrain, stones and flat colors for a natural-meets-modern motif. Moreover, light and earthy shades will bring a bit of the outdoors in. This is a great way to give the kitchen a feeling of comfort and elegance.

Back to Basics

Like in fashion, interior trends often come and go. Warm, rich textures and colors are always a confident choice in the kitchen. Brushed oil-rubbed bronze pulls instill a vintage vibe, coordinating design elements that will stand the test of time.

Colorful Chic

Nothing makes a bold statement like dramatic color. Mix earth and jewel tones to exude a powerful elegance. Simplistic styles allow you to infuse a few daring hues for a poignant pop. Pair intense colors with soft, muted accents and embrace a bold new design.

Tailored Industrial

The use of metals and dark grays creates an industrial theme that denotes strength in a kitchen. A cool, industrial atmosphere can be a warming sanctuary for some. Recessed pulls complement metallics in backsplashes to tie the design together.

Business Casual

Business casual is one of those looks that are both functional and stylish. Combining warm and cool hues will balance a design. Stacked glass backsplashes offer a personal signature within such spaces. Stone-look flooring gives rooms a classical look, so the remainder of the space can suggest a relaxed and well-groomed design.

Minimalist Comfort

As with anything related to personal style, creating a minimalist look requires creativity and confidence. Contrasting textures alongside charcoal tile floors gives spaces a touch of drama in the kitchen without being showy. This design strategy employs a dramatic, yet minimalistic look.


Today’s modernist pairs solid colors and textures to convey a metropolitan flavor that’s organic and fresh. Straight lines are what define modern style, using materials and subtle color to further invigorate that chosen design.

Forget Fashion Week, make your home runway chic. Fashion and interior design are mediums used to distinguish different personalities and attitudes. Whether by way of a little black dress, wrap-around sofa, statement necklace or renovated kitchen, expressing an individual style is a significant part of the human experience … so why not have fun with it both outside of — and inside of — the home?

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