Dressing babies for popular summer activities

Posted: May 25, 2022 | Word Count: 516

With school out and warm weather gracing cities, summer is the season of outdoor fun for families across America. However, for parents, creating the magic of the summer can be exhausting and it only gets more complicated when you add babies and toddlers to the mix.

To help make the summer something to savor, check out the tips below on how to streamline the kids’ dress code for some of the season’s most popular activities.

Conquering the Playground

The playground can be an oasis in the summer months for parents of small children. With the built-in play area, it gives many moms and dads a way to break the boredom at home without breaking the bank. But one thing that’s inevitable with playgrounds — nature, and all the dirty things that come with it.

When heading to public outdoor spaces, keep the outfits simple. Reach for items like Onesies® Bodysuits that are lightweight and act as an outfit on their own. The fewer pieces of clothing they wear to the park, the fewer pieces of clothing you find yourself throwing in the wash when you get home.

Look for savings events, like the Gerber Childrenswear Memorial Day Sale, as a way to stock up on playground-ready apparel. These sales events are the best time to grab essentials, like neutral bodysuits and extra burp cloths and bibs you can keep in the car.

Having Fun Poolside

Everyone loves going for a dip in a cold pool on a hot summer day, and the most important clothing item to consider when you’re heading to the pool, beach or lake this summer is, of course, the swimsuit. While there are many suits on the market that check the cute box, be sure to look for options that give baby added protection from the sun, like this one-piece rash guard for girls from Gerber Childrenswear. Keep your eye out for suits that are made from UPF 50+ fabric, as these choices can help prevent sunburn.

Remember that the FDA recommends children six months and younger stay out of direct sunlight, especially between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. when the sun is at its strongest. Sunglasses and swim hats are also good accessories to have on-hand for days by the water.

Getting Road Trip Ready

The family vacation is an honored tradition for many families, and summer is always an ideal time to hit the road. But with little ones in tow, there are a few extra items you’ll want to pack. First, consider adding a quilt or plush blanket to the car. This can serve as a clean space for baby to stretch out when you need to pull over at a rest stop. It’s also smart to pack a couple of fitted crib sheets to make pack and plays feel more like home to baby. Extra burp cloths can serve as a makeshift blanket or cover when you’re on the road and in a pinch and Sleep N’ Plays with zippers can keep baby comfy in a car seat.

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