5 tips to help you build your summer safety checklist

Posted: June 29, 2022 | Word Count: 514

With summer here, now is the time to start thinking about your summer checklist! You most likely already have a list for packing for your next trip, so you don’t forget your swimsuit or passport, but you may have overlooked some essential safety items.

Productivity and list-making expert, Paula Rizzo, has partnered with Gravie, a health benefits company reshaping the industry through consumer-focused health benefits, to share these five tips to help you experience a safe and healthy summer with your family and friends.

1. Know what can go

Are you traveling somewhere fun this summer? Make sure to pack items to keep you safe. Sunscreen is a must and many brands offer TSA-friendly sizes, so you can keep them handy and apply sunblock before arriving at your destination.

If you take medications, be sure to pack enough of your prescriptions to get you through your trip and still have some to spare. “You may be delayed getting home, and you don’t want to be stuck without your medication,” said Rizzo. “I recommend bringing 3-4 days extra, just in case.”

2. Hope for the best and plan for the worst

Most people don’t think about needing medical attention while traveling but knowing what your insurance covers is important. Comfort, Gravie’s flagship health plan, provides 100% coverage on most common health care services, including preventive care, mental health care, specialty care, urgent care, labs and imaging, generic prescriptions and more.

3. Invest or replace “safety gear”

Summer means more opportunities for outdoor recreation, but that also means more chances to get injured. Rizzo recommends that families take stock of their summer “safety gear” before they need to use it. Check for things like proper fitting bike helmets, life jackets and knee pads to keep everyone safe. For beach activities, stock up on umbrellas and UV-protective clothing.

4. Visit the doctor

If you and your family haven’t had your annual exams yet, now is the time to schedule your appointment(s) with your primary care physicians. Plans like Comfort cover all yearly routine medical exams, taking the guessing game out of the cost of your medical bills. If you do happen to incur medical expenses, Comfort plan members can use Gravie’s innovative interest-free, pay-over-time solution, Gravie Pay, to assist them in paying any out-of-pocket expenses at their own pace.

5. Build a wellness routine

Take stock of your wellness routine and make necessary tweaks. To start, make a list of healthy habits you want to begin implementing weekly. There are plenty of health apps you can use to learn and incorporate new skills into your wellness routine. Whether you choose to download a fitness or meditation app or use a workout routine online, you can start building healthy habits now and reap the benefits throughout the remainder of the year.

No matter what you do this summer, the main takeaway is to prepare early!

To learn more about Gravie’s innovative health benefits, visit www.Gravie.com. For more information on productivity, list-making courses and books from Paula Rizzo, visit www.PaulaRizzo.com/Lists.

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