The Making of an Iconic Moment: Behind the Scenes with David Beckham and Thierry Henry

Posted: February 22, 2024 | Word Count: 617

Do you have Lay’s? Well, this seemingly simple question could lead to unexpected rewards, at unexpected moments, and sometimes by unexpected people. With the return of its global platform, No Lay’s, No Game, the world’s number one chip brand set out to show fans the truly incredible things that can happen when they are ready with Lay’s in hand, and what they miss out on if they aren’t prepared. This year's campaign is bigger, bolder and more exciting than ever before and continues to push the envelope with a commercial that features an ambitious “Chip Cam” stunt and stars legendary players David Beckham and Thierry Henry coming together to headline the entertainment and reward two lucky fans.

Now, the brand is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at how the in-stadium stunt came to life. Filmed in front of a live crowd of 75,000 people during a match between AC Milan and PSG in San Siro, Beckham and Henry put out a call on the jumbotron in search of someone holding a bag of Lay’s. The crowd went wild when Beckham came on the big screen with a smile saying, “Ciao Tutti.” The crew then used the Lay’s “Chip Cam” — a new spin on the traditional kiss cam — to put unsuspecting spectators on the spot, in front of the entire stadium, to ask if they wanted to watch the game with them. The catch? They could only do so if they had Lay’s. Finally, two lucky fans were spotted with the chips and invited to watch the game with the iconic duo.

“When Lay’s approached me about shooting a commercial, live in front of thousands of football fans, I was floored by their bold approach,” said Director Andrew Lane. “We shot this commercial fifteen minutes before kickoff and found two regular people at the game who were enjoying Lay’s and rewarded with a serious upgrade to sit with David and Thierry. It was a complete surprise to them and to see them enjoy that moment was incredible.”

Taking a bold and authentic approach to filming, Lay’s asks the question, “Do you have Lay’s?” on the biggest stage possible. The crew juggled many obstacles — from working around audio challenges like helicopters flying overhead to different spectacles happening within the stadium like flares and smoke grenades — making a true rehearsal nearly impossible. Adding to the pressure of filming in front of such a massive audience, the stunt was shot live in under five minutes, making Lay’s the first and only brand to film a commercial in front of a live audience in this amount of time.

“The message for fans is make sure you have Lay’s at home or with you because you never know who can surprise you,” said Henry. “Not only was filming the spot in under five minutes an exhilarating task but doing it with David was a blast since we have been friends for years and spent a lot of our careers playing against each other on the field. Now, there’s something special about coming together with Lay’s to offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience for fans.”

“We had a great day filming at the San Siro stadium for No Lay’s, No Game. Whenever Thierry and I get together it’s always a lot of fun — and it was fantastic being able to surprise 75,000 fans,” said Beckham.

You can find more behind-the-scenes footage of Henry and Beckham here. Want a chance to score big this UCL season? Head to @lays for more information on how you can get in on the action with “No Lay’s, No Game.”

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