Whole Body Deodorant: Tips to Staying Fresh Everywhere

Posted: June 21, 2024 | Word Count: 128

Fear of odor breakthroughs can be an extra source of stress in your life, especially if they happen on your whole body. That’s why Secret Whole Body deodorant was created to provide odor protection for more than just your armpits. But what exactly is a whole body deodorant and why might you need it?

Secret Whole Body deodorant is a new product from Secret, the #1 deodorant brand for women, providing clinically proven odor protection for up to 72 hours. Many parts of the body are susceptible to body odor and require different types of care. Gynecologist and dermatologist tested, Secret Whole Body deodorant is designed for external use beyond the underarms, for places like the underboob, feet, privates and more. Find out more at secret.com.

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