4 easy tips for winter nutrition

March 15, 2019 (458 words)

[Headline: Easy tips for winter nutrition]

During winter, most people crave their favorite comfort foods. Nutrient-dense ingredients and cooking tricks can help you maintain a healthy routine, according to Nutrition Shipped's dietitian McKel Hill.

Focus on real food

Avoid fast food and artificial ingredients. Stock up on leafy greens, nuts and fruits. Recreate favorite comfort food in a healthy way, like vegan fettuccine Alfredo. 

Find the right tools

Good cooking tools get the job done faster. LG’s smart ovens with ProBake Convection ensure even baking, and their large capacity lets you cook several dishes at once. 

Plan ahead

Plan your meals ahead. You won’t be tempted by takeout if you have ingredients for delicious meals at home. 

Prep healthy snacks 

Make healthy choices like packable snacks. Prep pre-portioned carrots and hummus or tuna and crackers. The LG InstaView refrigerator’s door-in-door feature allows you to grab prepped items without opening the main door.

4 simple tips to satisfy your comfort food cravings

February 06, 2019 (821 words)

[Headline: Satisfy your comfort food cravings]

After a long, chilly day, digging into a hearty pasta dish or a piping hot bowl of soup can fill you with warmth.

The good news is that comfort foods don’t have to be unhealthy or take a lot of time to make. Consider these tips:

* Combine frozen and prepared foods with fresh produce. That can be much easier and faster than cooking a full meal from scratch.

* Try recipes featuring a balance of protein, dairy and vegetables. Cozy up on the couch with a rich and tasty mug of minestrone soup loaded with seasonal vegetables. Adding refrigerated pasta like Buitoni Three Cheese Tortellini helps make it a complete meal, cutting time on preparation, but not on taste.

* Use fruit to indulge your sweet tooth. Because fruits offer greater nutritional value, consider warm berry cobblers, baked apples, carrot cake and/or smoothies.

Nanjing, China: Come for the history, stay for the food

February 06, 2019 (817 words)

[Headline: Explore Nanjing, China]

China’s hidden treasure, Nanjing, offers rich history and culture, plus amazing hospitality and cuisine.

History. Nanjing was the capital of 10 Chinese dynasties and regimes over 1,800 years. The Xiaoling Tomb of the Ming Dynasty is one of the largest imperial tomb complexes in China and mausoleum of the dynasty’s founding emperor. Nearby, visit the half-mile long Sacred Path, guarded by stone warriors and mythical creatures.

Art. Nanjing Museum offers exhibits from ancient civilization through the early days of the Republic. At the Cloud Brocade Museum, watch expert craftsmen weave the brocade, incorporating silk, gold, silver thread and peacock feathers, using ancient methods.

Cuisine. Nanjing salted duck is the city’s signature dish. Other popular choices include Peking duck, fish and shrimp, pan-fried beef dumplings and sesame pancakes.

Over 100 hotels include Jumeirah, Fairmont, Hilton, Sofitel, Renaissance and Westin. Explore China by visiting the vibrant, historic city of Nanjing. 

How ancient ingredients can give your winter health a boost today

January 14, 2019 (575 words)

[Headline: Ancient cold remedies]

Honey. Honey has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Honey is rich in vitamins B and C, and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and more. Manuka honey, out of New Zealand, is getting a lot of attention lately for its super beneficial qualities.

Echinacea. Grown in North America, echinacea, which comes from the coneflower, has been part of Native American traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It has historically been reported to support the immune system, and today, we know echinacea to do the same. You can find it in liquid form, or in supplements. Swisse Immune Forte combines echinacea with elderflower, vitamin C and zinc for a powerful combination of immune-supporting effects.

Andrographis. Andrographis is a plant native to South Asian countries often used to make medicine. Andrographis is rich in compounds called andrographolides (hence the name), which are said to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Survey reveals mistakes, misconceptions about formula feeding infants

January 08, 2019 (658 words)

[Headline: Save money on baby formula]

According to a Perrigo Nutrition survey, 20 percent of moms worried about what formula to purchase in the first few months of their baby’s life. One way to stretch budgets without sacrificing quality is to use store-brand formulas that meet the same strict FDA standards as nationally advertised brands. 

“Store-brand formula will provide complete nutrition for baby just like any brand-name formula,” says Dr. Jennifer Gardner. “All infant formulas are required to meet the same FDA standards, which means store-brand formula has the same quality as other brand names but costs less. More importantly, there’s no need for parents to take unnecessary risks such as diluting formula to save money when they can trust that store-brand formula is a high-quality and affordable option.”

5 tips to entertain like a boss this winter

December 28, 2018 (544 words)

[Headline: Tips to entertain like a boss]

Brighten up winter evenings by entertaining. Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess offer these tips: 

1. Clean at least one day ahead and set the table the night before. 

2. Stock up on ice and easy-to-fix drinks to simplify bartending. The LG Smart InstaView refrigerator can boost ice production from your phone, thanks to the LG SmartThinQ app. 

3. Prep food ahead and warm dishes that day. LG’s ProBake Convection technology gives you optimal heating distribution on every rack, every time.  

4. Delegate. If guests ask, "What can I bring?" — don't be shy. Request a bottle of wine or favorite treat. 

5. Cater to all the senses. Set a pretty table, prepare delicious food and play upbeat music. If you don’t have a yummy smelling dish cooking, simmer water with cinnamon and cloves, or use scented candles or essential oils to enhance your party. 

6 best foods to donate to food banks

December 21, 2018 (655 words)

[Headline: Recipe: Spicy Mandarin Orange 4 Bean Salad]

For Dole Packaged Food's hunger relief campaign, Chef Jamie Gwen created this delicious recipe from ingredients commonly donated to food banks. 

Spicy Mandarin Orange 4 Bean Salad

1 can (15 ounces) kidney beans, drained, rinsed
1 can (15 ounces) pinto beans, drained, rinsed
1 can (15 ounces) garbanzo beans, drained, rinsed
1 can (15 ounces) green beans, drained, rinsed
2 cans (11 or 15 ounces) Dole Mandarin Oranges, drained
1/2 cup celery, thinly sliced
1 to 2 small jalapeno peppers, minced
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/3 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon sugar
Salt, freshly ground pepper

Mix kidney beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, green beans, mandarin oranges, celery and jalapenos in large bowl. Whisk vinegar, oil, sugar in small bowl until sugar dissolves. Add salt, black pepper to taste. Pour dressing over bean mixture; toss to coat. Refrigerate 1-2 hours minimum before serving.

Winter can be stressful: Try these 4 tips

December 20, 2018 (483 words)

In the United States, a survey found that seven out of 10 people reported feeling some stress daily. To help you stay calm and focused, consider these four ways to reduce stress.

Smells: Certain smells can bring back specific and detailed memories. Seeking out smells that bring back those happy memories can help reduce stress levels.

Salt: Stress is characterized in the human body by high levels of the hormone cortisol, the "stress hormone.” Scientific research has shown that increased levels of salt consumption are effective in reducing levels of cortisol.

Pets: Animal therapy has long been used to relieve stress, improve mood and treat anxiety. Some studies have indicated that just being around an animal can reduce blood pressure.

Exercise: Regular exercise, even if mild, may be the best stress reducer there is. When you are active the body releases endorphins, which produce a feeling of well-being.

5 simple tips for the best batch of cookies

December 17, 2018 (624 words)

[Headline: 5 simple cookie tips]

* Get a food scale. For consistent results, weigh ingredients, especially flour. The rule of thumb: Every cup of white flour equals 5 ounces.

Use high-quality ingredients. Use the best quality natural ingredients and flavorings, such as double-strength, flavor-rich Watkins All Natural Baking Vanilla Extract, to bake your best cookies yet.

Chill the dough. Chilling dough for at least an hour prevents cookies from over-spreading while baking. Another upside: You can prepare dough ahead of time and chill until you’re ready to bake.

Use parchment paper. No need for pricey baking sheets. Parchment paper on each cookie sheet does wonders for preventing overdone cookie bottoms.

Decorate with care. Start with good dough (chilled) and use cookie cutters for perfect shapes. Wait for cookies to cool before applying icing or toppings. Use a variety of toppings (candies, sprinkles, icing, etc.) for beautiful results.

Cold brew coffee: How to enjoy this top 2019 food trend at home

December 13, 2018 (648 words)

[Headline: What is cold brew coffee?]

Cold brew coffee is slowly steeped in cool water using rich, coarser beans than you would in hot brewing at home. While you can brew a pot of traditional hot coffee in a few minutes, cold brew takes hours — 12 or more — to achieve the signature result.

Coffee made using the cold brew method has a smoother, naturally sweeter result that is less acidic than traditional hot-brewed coffee. The reason is organic acids (like citric, malic, formic, quinic and acetic) enhance coffee’s flavor and aroma, yet dissolve in hot water. The cold brewing method allows these important molecules to stay intact, which results in a difference you can taste. 

Java House(R) Authentic Cold Brew Dual-Use Liquid Pods can be enjoyed hot or cold at home, so you can taste the difference without all the work.

Rule the holidays using Alexa smart home technology

December 05, 2018 (652 words)

[Headline: Rule the holidays]

Most of us know all too well that the holiday season is busy, busy, busy. Use smart home technology to cut through the chaos and make your life easier this holiday season.

* Create a stress-free routine by using your smart home to control lights, music, set alarms, check the forecast and review your daily schedule.

* If you’re hosting, use your smart home device to play games and music, sing carols or test everyone’s holiday trivia knowledge.

* Finish your holiday shopping by using voice technology to order gifts quickly and easily.

* Cook the perfect holiday meal with help from your smart home by receiving recipe suggestions, setting timers, ordering groceries and more.

* There are more than 20,000 devices that work with Alexa, from smart lights, doorbells, locks and more, so take some of the stress out of the holiday and let your smart home device do some work for you.

Prep your kitchen against holiday pests with these 5 tricks

November 30, 2018 (372 words)

[Headline: Keep pests out]

The experts at Terminix have a few tips for protecting your kitchen from insects, so that you can spend your time enjoying the holidays rather than combating pests.

Start with a deep clean: Clean your kitchen and pantry top to bottom, removing food spillage and stains that could attract pests. 

Don’t try to salvage contaminated food: If you find a food item that’s been contaminated, simply throw it out.  

Store supplies carefully: Seal the plethora of holiday leftovers and open packages in airtight containers.

Inspect new purchases for signs of damage: Be sure to examine each new food product for signs that it could already be infested.

Call in a professional: Trained technicians can help determine what kind of pest is trying to invite itself to your classy dinner, and how best to get rid of it. 

Luxury entertaining for the holidays

November 29, 2018 (420 words)

The holidays usher in a sense of celebration and opportunities for lavish seasonal gatherings. To leave a luxurious, lasting impression, try these tips from award-winning Chef Michael Voltaggio.

The experience: At the start of the event, greet guests with a cocktail topped with fragrant garnish, and introduce unexpected details, such as a passed amuse-bouche atop a slate serving platter.

The essentials: Every touchpoint should exude the same level of luxury, from the linens to the culinary tools used. For Voltaggio, this is especially true of kitchen faucets. The Artesso SmartTouch Pull-Down Prep Faucet by Brizo offers visual intrigue and touch technology.

Lavish pairings: Pair candlesticks of various heights with bone china; carefully select wine pairings for dishes.

Finishing touches: Ornament an autumnal risotto with shaved truffle to bring rich depth of flavor or infuse a wintry dessert with liquid nitrogen for an unexpected dining experience.

5 ideas for savvy party planning made easy

November 28, 2018 (751 words)

[Headline: A non-DIYer's guide to entertaining]

Here are some ways for you to make it look like a pro-DIYer was behind your entertaining.

Semi-homemade hors d'oeuvres. Combine pre-made phyllo cups with deli items like tuna or chicken salad, chicken curry, barbecued beef or pork or anything else that strikes your palate.

Know when to outsource. Outsourcing dessert is one easy option and a big time-saver. 

Hire a cleaning service. Merry Maids offers a variety of cleaning services and customizable plans. 

Give homemade gifts. (Just not made in your home.) You can find handcrafted and unique items online. 

Eating healthy, eating safe

November 27, 2018 (448 words)

Each year, foodborne illnesses sicken close to 50 million Americans. A lot of these illnesses are caused by simple things like restaurant employees’ failure to properly wash hands, cooking surfaces and fruits and vegetables.

Salt is a very effective anti-bacterial in food. In fact, it is the oldest known food preserver.

Salt preservation works by influencing the amount of water that all microorganisms require to survive and grow. The use of salt in controlling water means that microbiological safety can be achieved with reduced heat, acidity and other preservatives. This results in a product of improved taste and nutritional quality. 

Food safety is an ongoing challenge for an enormous and complex food system, and although challenges continually arise, exercising caution and attention in food purchasing, storage and preparation will minimize the risks. Remember to not only eat healthy but to also eat safely.

Holiday baking and wine pairings

November 26, 2018 (531 words)

[Headline: Holiday baking and wine pairings]

Suggestions for pairing holiday cookies and CK Mondavi and Family wines, from the Mondavi household to yours.

Snickerdoodles and Sauvingnon Blanc

This tangy wine pairs perfectly with the sweet-tart flavor of snickerdoodles.

Jam thumbprint cookies and Merlot

Merlot's fruity finish enhances the flavor of other red fruits, like strawberry jam. 

Lemon bars and Chardonnay

Chardonnay paired with lemon bars are a match made in vineyard heaven. 

Chocolate chip biscotti with Red Blend

Both contain antioxidants. Dare we call this healthy decadence?

Sugar cookies and Pinot Grigio

The sweetness of a sugar cookie needs a light partner, like Pinot Grigio.

Almond biscotti with Cabernet Sauvignon

The buttery, rich biscotti needs a full-bodied wine like Cabernet Sauvignon.

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