Experts share 6 bathroom trends to look for in 2024

Posted: March 15, 2024 | Word Count: 756

The bathroom is arguably the most frequented space in most homes. As the place where we begin and end our daily routines, this space is a vital hub for our lives. Recognizing this, an increasing number of homeowners are now focusing on unlocking the full potential of their bathroom spaces, aiming to create an enjoyable and functional environment that will stand the test of time.

In light of high interest rates and rising home costs, more homeowners are staying in their current homes and opting to refresh or remodel their bathroom spaces to better fit their lifestyle and personality and add value to their homes. As we head into spring, the busy season for remodeling, the bathroom pros at TOTO have compiled the top bathroom trends for 2024 based on third-party expertise and consumer demand.

“There is no better investment in your home than updating your bathroom with the latest technology to create not only a spa-like experience but also ensure your independence and dignity as you age in style,” said Lisa Cini, President and CEO of Mosaic Design Studio.

1. Focus on wellness

In a post-pandemic era where self-care has become an increasingly important aspect of people’s lives, bathroom upgrades are fantastic ways to enhance their personal well-being. For instance, bidet-equipped toilets optimize hygiene, cleanliness, and comfort for people of all ages. Bidet seats are an easy DIY project that can truly transform the health and wellness of the whole family. Other self-care features being added to bathrooms include invigorating showers and baths with unique features that promote recovery and relaxation, allowing users to unwind from the stress of their daily lives.

2. Stylish living in place

Whether it’s for a multigenerational home or to refresh to accommodate living in place, homeowners are looking to future-proof their homes with stylish yet functional upgrades. This means adding elements to the bathroom that support aging and accessibility, like adjustable height wall-hung toilets with bidets, widened doorways, accessibility lighting, beautiful non-slip floors, and grab bars with designer finishes. These add age-friendly functions that provide increased independence while looking chic rather than institutional, like a hospital or nursing home.

3. Spa-like experiences

A big trend for 2024 is bringing spa-like experiences into the bathroom. These include renovations like walk-in showers with multiple shower heads, body sprays, and rain showers like TOTO’s GB Shower Series. Other luxurious upgrades include steam showers, sound systems, heated benches, and towel warmers. Many designers are creating wet rooms that feature soaking tubs as ways to promote relaxation and rejuvenation, offering personal getaways for homeowners in their own bathrooms.

4. Bathroom technology integration

High-tech Japanese-style toilets and electronic bidet seats are leading the charge in bathroom tech for 2024. Americans are asking for toilets that offer cleanliness and comfort. In addition to luxury features like warm water cleansing and warm-air drying, heated seats, and automatic open/close lids, top-of-the-line models like the TOTO NEOREST WX1 smart bidet toilet and WASHLET S7A bidet seat have self-cleaning features that use electrolyzed water to clean the bowl, bidet wand and under the seat, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. Other popular tech upgrades for the bathroom include the introduction of smart technology into everyday items like mirrors, faucets, and showers.

5. Sustainability features

Saving water, conserving energy, and reducing waste have become a high priority for homeowners. They are achieving this by adding shower timers, LED lighting, and refillable shower dispensers to their bathrooms. Others are swapping water-guzzling toilets for dual flush models that use up to 25 percent less water. Bidets also help to reach eco goals by reducing the need for toilet paper by 75%. Models with cleaning and advanced flushing features cut down the need for using harsh chemicals to clean the bathroom, which aids the planet’s health.

6. Personalization by design

Whether it’s to refresh, relax, cleanse, or energize, the bathroom should be a place where you feel perfectly comfortable being yourself. More people are opting to incorporate design elements that reflect their individual style, moving away from cyclical design trends. Adding a personal touch by choosing bold metallic fixture finishes, adding natural textures like stone and wood, and incorporating color into walls and accessories allows homeowners to create bathroom spaces that truly reflect their personalities.

Whether you are planning a quick bathroom revamp or a full remodel, let these expert trends inspire you to transform your bathroom into a highly personalized space that fits your lifestyle, adding comfort and value to your home. To learn more visit

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