Frequently Asked Questions

What are your guidelines?

All content is free to use for your publication. Feel free to adjust the formatting of all articles and photos to fit your needs. Please avoid making changes to the copy, including removal of references to products and services associated with specific brands. You must retain the Brandpoint attribution so that our monitoring services can identify our content. This attribution eliminates the need for tear sheets. Note: Images associated with an article can be published only as an accompaniment to the article’s text. Any other use is prohibited.

Is there any cost involved when we publish an article?

All articles and photos are free to download and use.

Do I need to send tear sheets?

Brandpoint does not require tear sheets to be sent back to us when you publish an article. We try to keep our service easy and convenient. However, we appreciate any tear sheets we do receive, so please feel free to send them to: Brandpoint, c/o Media Relations, 850 5th St South, Hopkins, MN 55343

To download an article, you must complete a brief online login form. All information will be kept confidential. On subsequent visits, members will have immediate access. Click here to login.

I’ve logged in but still can’t access the articles. What’s wrong?

Go back to the login form and try again. If you are unsuccessful a second time, contact Brandpoint at [email protected].

Why am I prompted for my username/password every time I visit the site?

1) Click the "Remember me next time" checkbox during login to skip this step.

2) Your browser is not set to accept "cookie" requests. The Brandpoint site is designed to use "cookies." A "cookie" is a small file that resides on your computer and stores information such as your username and password. This file is read each time that you visit the site. To set your browser to accept "cookies," consult your browser’s "Help" file.

3) You’re using a different computer than the one you registered on. The "cookie" file remains on the original computer. If your browser accepts "cookies," you will only have to enter your username/password the first time you access an article. A "cookie" file will be created and used for all subsequent visits and accesses.

What should I do if I’ve forgotten my username and/or password?

Click here and enter your e-mail address.

Why am I having trouble downloading article copy and/or images?

If you are having problems downloading, please contact us. For immediate assistance, call 866-755-1489.

Note to editors: In an effort to make it simpler to use our content and images, we’ve recently omitted any watermarks from photos and also simplified the photo options included at download. For articles posted after April 24, 2015, we are including one RGB image (at 1200 pixels wide and 300 ppi) along with the text file. If you prefer CMYK format, please contact us. You can reach Kevira Voegele, engagement editor, at [email protected] or at 952-746-3670.

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