A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the (Re)Making of Lowrider Magazine

Posted: March 07, 2024 | Word Count: 335

Lowrider cars have been a rich symbol of empowerment and a unique form of artistic expression for those within the lowriding community. Much of this culture was highlighted for more than 40 years in the pages of Lowrider magazine, until it was shuttered in 2019. But now, Modelo, a beer born in Mexico that celebrates those who drive culture forward and embody the mark of a fighter, has teamed up with MotorTrend to bring back Lowrider magazine — with a twist. To spotlight those who haven’t always received recognition, this special-edition issue champions the women of lowriding across every page of the issue.

Historically, depictions of women in Lowrider magazine were often limited to models on the hoods of cars. This limited-edition revival highlights the women behind the wheel who have fought for their place as drivers, builders, mechanics, painters and welders in a male-dominated community.

Bringing Lowrider back came with a lot of grit, determination and passion — something that Modelo is always looking to bolster. With the help of MotorTrend, a leader in the automotive publication world, the two assembled the perfect team to get the job done. The one-time re-issue of Lowrider is made by women, for women — from the collaborative effort of photographers, creative directors, writers, as well as editorial direction by Dr. Denise Sandoval, a university professor of Chicana/o studies.

Dr. Sandoval shared how it was a true passion project working on this all-women issue of Lowrider magazine. “With lowriding popularity at an all-time high, combined with the rise of car clubs exclusively for women members and car clubs led by women, 2024 felt like the perfect moment to spotlight the women who have impacted lowrider culture,” said Dr. Sandoval. “Lowriding is about the cars, but it’s more than that. It’s also about the culture and community that’s built around the cars that enabled our community to express themselves and visualize our story.”

This special edition of Lowrider magazine is available to view at MotorTrend.com/Lowrider.

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