5 reasons for students to explore new subjects in an online summer course

Posted: March 02, 2024 | Word Count: 509

Summer means school’s out, but that doesn’t mean your student has to stop learning. High school students can make the most of their summer by applying to an online summer program. Students who participate in a virtual summer program can explore new subjects and expand their skills while still leaving plenty of downtime to enjoy the warmer months.

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes, a summer enrichment program, offers intensive study of a single online course that can feed the passions and intellect of curious students. Not only does a virtual summer program give students unique academic experiences, but such programs also provide memorable experiences they’ll carry with them for years to come.

If your student is on the fence about taking an online summer course, check out the program’s top five reasons to apply.

1. Accessible education

When it comes to accessibility, online summer programs can’t be beat! Instead of traveling to a different country or flying your student to a different state, bring summer education to you. Virtual summer classes allow students to focus on learning from the comfort of home, with no travel required. Online programs also tend to cost less than on-campus day or boarding summer programs, allowing more students access to a quality education.

2. Smaller classes

Summer classes held in large lecture halls make it difficult for students to receive personalized attention. However, online programs often offer smaller classes, so instructors can focus on each student’s needs. Small online classes can also foster a more interactive environment where students can engage with peers and instructors for a more enriching learning experience.

3. College-level academics

High school students should use their summer time meaningfully. Online summer programs offer rigorous academic content that can prepare your student for future higher education. Whether they explore a new, interesting subject or deepen their knowledge of a core subject, such studies can set students up for future academic success.

4. Global community

Online summer programs connect your student to a vibrant global community where they can meet peers from different backgrounds and cultures. By collaborating with students from around the world, they’ll gain new perspectives and broaden horizons that may not be accessible in their hometown. Some peers may even become lifelong friends!

5. Student life

In addition to engaging small class sessions, these programs offer fun outside of class. Student life activities may include virtual social events, community engagement opportunities and workshops on topics like health, wellness and leadership. These extracurricular activities create a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond the classroom.

Don’t let summer opportunities slip by! Your student should apply to one of Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes’ online summer courses. Get a taste of a college classroom experience that challenges students with advanced content not typically found in the high school curriculum.

All classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors who are passionate about their academic disciplines and committed to teaching high school students in an interactive online environment. To learn more about Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes classes and more, visit summerinstitutes.spcs.stanford.edu.

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