Filling out your brackets? Here are 4 wine and food pairings you'll love

Posted: March 21, 2024 | Word Count: 728

With the biggest college basketball tournament of the year officially here, it’s time to put your bracket to the test and lock in your watch party plans. To take the tournament to the next level, Gallo has curated a list of approachable, award-winning wines. So, grab a bottle of your choosing, match it with a game-winning bite and get ready to cheer on your favorite team.

Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon: A Win-Win Choice

If you’re still unsure about which team you took to the championship, take a page out of Black Box’s playbook. With 100 gold medals — and counting — the brand lives by the motto that “the decisions you make define you.” So, grab a bottle, head out to your watch party and stand behind your choice — no matter if you settled on the 1 or 16 seed. Plus, with the aromas of blackberry and notes of toasted oak, the Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon is a win-win that’ll match well with the flavors of a burger or that last-minute, game-winning sip at the buzzer. Black Box is available at retailers nationwide or on in various sizes, 3L (SRP: $22.99) and 500mL (SRP: $5.99).

Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc: Unleash the Unexpected

By definition a dark horse is a little-known competitor who emerges to distinction. That's this wine. People have mistaken it for a $20 bottle even though it costs less than half of that price. So, If you’re rooting for the Cinderella team during this year’s tournament, Dark Horse’s Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect addition to your watch party — especially if you’re serving up a charcuterie board or game day classics like chips and guac. With hints of grapefruit and key lime, finishing with accents of passionfruit and even a pop of spice, each sip is the perfect complement. Dark Horse is available at retailers nationwide and in various size formats, 750mL (SRP: $9.99) and 375mL can (SRP: $5.49). Visit to locate Dark Horse at a store near you.

Lolli Sweet Twist: A Sweet Celebration

Filling a much-needed void in the wine category, Lolli breaks category norms and throws out the playbook — just like the underdog team that wasn’t expected to make the tournament this year. Created by women, Lolli has remixed the fine wine experience into a new vision of sweet and bold flavors fit for any glass, over ice, and topped with a garnish. Just like that disruptive team, Lolli is versatile and will flip tradition, revitalize the outdated, and blend the unconventional to forge something that’s truly original. So if you’ve always had a sweeter taste and are rooting against the favorite, Lolli’s Sweet Twist brings an effervescence of ripe fruit and a little heat that will take any cake pop or freshly baked brownie to the next level. Lolli is now available nationwide. Visit to locate Lolli at a store near you, Sweet twist 750ml & Sweet Spiked 750ml (SRP: $14.99) or Sweet Red 750ml (SRP: $11.99).

ViBE Blue Raspberry Lemonade: Vibe While On the Go

ViBE packs fun, fruity and unique nostalgic flavors into a convenient Tetra Pak that’s perfect for vibing in the back yard or out at a watch party. So if you’re bouncing around, trying to catch every game you can, grab a pack of the Blue Raspberry Lemonade and bring it on the go. The perfect match for the seeker of fun, sweet and flavorful vibes, this fruity wine will cool down even the most hot and spicy wings. ViBE by Vendange is available at retailers nationwide and is available in a 500mL size (SRP: $4.00). Visit to locate ViBE at a store near you.

As you stay tuned for the biggest tournament in college basketball, don’t forget to grab these standout selections from Gallo for your watch party! From the bold flavors of Black Box and the unexpected delights of Dark Horse to the sweet celebration with Lolli and the portability of ViBE, there’s something for every palate and every party. So gather your friends, create a game-winning food lineup and get ready to watch each team battle it out all the way to the finals.

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