USS Wisconsin commemorates 80th anniversary with World of Warships collaboration

Posted: April 02, 2024 | Word Count: 554

In a salute to naval history and video game innovation, Wargaming's World of Warships — a massive multiplayer online naval combat game — is adding the USS Wisconsin to its roster of more than 800 vessels starting April 17, which also marks the ship's 80th anniversary.

Steeped in history, the USS Wisconsin played a pivotal role in World War II and beyond. From the Pacific Theater battles to its resurgence during Operation Desert Storm, this battleship has left an indelible mark on military history. Today, as part of Nauticus, a Maritime Discovery Center located in Norfolk, Virginia, the Wisconsin serves as a floating museum — a tangible link to the past — by offering visitors a glimpse into its illustrious legacy.

To commemorate the USS Wisconsin anniversary and the upcoming 80th anniversary of D-Day, World of Warships is spreading awareness about this historical vessel, honoring military families, and making naval history accessible to video game and history enthusiasts alike through several USS Wisconsin-focused initiatives.

Active service members and veterans who visit the Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin during April will enjoy complimentary admission courtesy of World of Warships. For those unable to visit in person, World of Warships is offering a virtual alternative.

The game makers recently conducted a livestream providing a tour of the USS Wisconsin, examining the ship from stem to stern and exploring the vessel's storied past. This stream allowed viewers to delve into the ship's history. It featured a special appearance by a Desert Storm veteran who served aboard the vessel, offering valuable insights and anecdotes. The 60-minute archived stream is available to view on World of Warships' Twitch channel.

Photo courtesy World of Warships

World of Warships has naval history coded into its DNA and remains steadfast in its commitment to preserving naval history. Through educational initiatives like the "Naval Legends" YouTube series and partnerships with maritime museums like Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin, the game fosters an appreciation for naval heritage. Because many of these museums are underfunded and run by volunteers, often veterans, World of Warships actively fundraises to restore museum ships and raise awareness of their vital role in preserving history for current and future generations.

World of Warships is a free-to-play naval warfare game where players command historical warships from various nations in intense multiplayer battles. The game offers a wide range of vessels, from nimble destroyers to powerful battleships and aircraft carriers. With strategic gameplay, realistic ship mechanics and stunning visuals, World of Warships immerses players in epic naval combat across diverse environments.

Photo courtesy World of Warships

And now, with the addition of the Wisconsin (fondly called "Big Wisky"), players will have three months to build a virtual USS Wisconsin, known as a Tier X ship in the game, from the ground up in 30 phases and at each of those phases receive different rewards to ease their progress in the game, as well as another ship, a recreation of the USS West Virginia, a Colorado class battleship. Once complete, players will have the opportunity to captain the ship in naval battles independently and in group missions.

To learn more about how you can visit the USS Wisconsin at Nauticus, visit If you want to build your own Wisconsin and captain the ship in history-altering battles, visit

Battleship Wisconsin photo courtesy Nauticus.

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