Infusing natural elements for distinctive design

Posted: March 29, 2019 | Word Count: 389

Natural materials add notes of strength and serenity to a space, while simultaneously revitalizing the overall aesthetic. These elements not only represent the distinct beauty found in nature, but also can serve as unique statement pieces that bring handcrafted modernity into a home. From furnishings to fixtures, designers incorporate natural materials to create a soothing, yet energized aesthetic that creates a sense of intrinsic luxury.

Organic elements

Exploring natural materials can introduce a sense of refined serenity into interior design. From room to room, include elements inspired by nature, such as a concrete fixture or bluegrass wall coverings, for a rich, organic feel. From incorporating custom woodworking in the foyer with detailed pieces carved from exotic wood, or making a statement in the entryway with a lustrous agate console, channel both the simplistic and complex energy found in nature through distinct materials.

Compositional distinction

The addition of natural materials brings inherent compositional variations to a space, from a hand-carved soapstone chair to a side table crafted from driftwood. Aesthetically anchor the bath or bar space with the Vettis Concrete Single-Handle Faucet by Brizo for a blend of raw materials and an exquisite geometric form. An infusion of pure charcoal provides a signature hue, while the hand-poured concrete gives each faucet a unique texture, color and style. Juxtapose the faucet with a polished granite sink, or mounted wooden shelving, to accentuate the strength of nature.

Living accents

Channel natural beauty by hanging a chandelier made of iron and rock crystal in the dining room, adding a stunning focal point that reflects and refracts light throughout the space. Accent a window-scape with succulent terrariums to awaken the living space, or select a metal planter with a sculptural bonsai or jasmine vine to incorporate botanic texture and elegance. The thoughtful utilization of lighting and greenery will help create a personal oasis within the home, adding natural art to an existing design.

Natural variations

Create a cohesive environment using classic, yet organic tones, exploring blends of warm taupe, gray-blue and forest green to enhance the overall aesthetic with an innately natural aura. Layer in unique elements inspired by nature, such as textured linen wallpaper or a sleek marble fireplace hearth, to round out a holistic, yet upscale approach to interior design. For a finishing touch, light a lemongrass beeswax candle, infusing the space with energizing aromatherapy.

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